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5th octobre 2019

A continuous increase in partial discharges can be a symptom of pending insulation damage. Radio frequency measurement siemenses energy thesis award make it siemens energy thesis award to identify, localize and monitor such partial discharges at an early stage so that appropriate measures can be planned and initiated to facilitate further operation Stator end winding vibration The high electromagnetic flux and currents created inside a generator can lead to end-turn basket vibration on some units.

Generator end winding vibrations can loosen the winding, weaken insulation and ultimately crack conductors.

Stator end winding vibration

Monitoring enables the identification of changes within the siemens energy thesis award best assignment writing service uk and the siemens energy thesis award to take early action in some cases before extensive stator winding damages occurs.

Rotor interturn short circuits Shorted turns can be caused by failed insulation between individual windings in generator rotor. Current carrying shorted turns will mean that the rotor field ampere turns are reduced and therefore Rubrics for essay writing in elementary increase in rotor current will be required to compensate for this.

Also, current carrying interturn shorts may cause unbalanced magnetic fields and uneven heating of the rotor which can result in vibration problems. Short School uniform essay titles can be monitored by installing flux probes which measure flux density changes in the air gap between stator and rotor.

Electrical Arcing Electrical arcing is often associated with major generator issues. Early identification of arcing can help to proactively detect generator damage.

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Shaft voltage and siemens energy thesis award insulation failure Grounding the electrical potentials that build up on the shaft can be vital to avoid major damage to bearings and other components. Therefore, the shaft voltage is monitored and an appropriate charge is actively removed in order to maintain the shaft at exactly frame potential.

The system is also designed to warn operators of generator bearing insulation siemens energy thesis award, arcing at bearings or seals, and when maintenance is required to clean the shaft and brushes. CST EMS allows the user to lower simulation times by defining symmetry conditions which reduce the simulation domain and required memory. Figure 2 shows a model of the active part of a five-leg power transformer with three wound legs which was constructed entirely in CST EMS.

Insulation can still, even with some simplification, pose a difficult challenge for numerical simulations since the dimensions of these structures can be of the order of several meters while the thickness of the individual components, such as transformer board barriers, is in the range of a few millimeters.

Figure 2 Simplified siemens energy thesis award of the active siemens energy thesis award of a transformer. Since the barrier strength and oil channel width are decisive factors in the dimensioning of the insulation system, a powerful and robust mesher is important. As well as a tetrahedral-based mesh generator CST EMS also offers a hexahedral-based mesh scheme ensuring that the user can apply the best method for the problem.

In addition to global mesh settings, the user also has the opportunity to refine the mesh locally on a component or material pay for writing papers As an example of a typical simulation, Figure 3 shows an equipotential plot from an electrostatic simulation of the outlet section of a winding arrangement active part.

For this simulation, the original 5 leg active part was reduced to a single leg.

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Figure 3 Electric potential around a single-leg winding arrangement. Electrostatic simulations are used to provide momentary values of the electric stress which typically arises in the testing of a transformer. The tetrahedral-based electrostatic solver in CST EMS is particularly suited to this simulation since it allows an accurate siemens energy thesis award and efficient volume discretization. This helps to determine the siemens energy thesis award distribution around siemenses energy thesis award and on insulating surfaces, which is critical for establishing the effectiveness and strength of the insulation systems.

Figure 4 shows an equipotential plot in an oil-transformer board insulation curriculum vitae 2015 com foto para preencher winding connecting leads.

The active part, which consists of the iron core and the leg sections with concentric windings and their insulation, forms the heart of the transformer. Stray fields lead to electromagnetic losses in the surrounding metallic construction elements. Simulation of this situation would aid in the reduction of the losses by appropriate shielding measures or changes to conductor placement.


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